Village of Darien, WI - Land Division

What is a Land Division?

A land division is when you divide an existing parcel of land into more than four new parcels.  If you want to divide your parcel into four or less new parcels you need to review the CSM (certified survey map) section.

When do I need a Land Division?

If you are considering a development of any size greater than four lots, a land division may be what you need.  The new lots must conform to the zoning ordinance in order to be considered.  However, for large land divisions there are other options to consider such as condominiums or planned unit developments (PUDs).  These options provide for greater flexibility to the zoning ordinance requirements and may allow a mixed use without having to create multiple zoning districts.

Contact your local zoning administrator for more information in applying for a land division.

Below you will find information on land divisions for the Village of Darien. You can scroll down the page or click one of the green links below to jump to a specific section.

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Final Plat
Use this application to apply for a Final Plat.

Planning Request Application
Complete this form to request being placed on the Planning Commission agenda.

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Application Fees

Planning Fee Schedule
Fee schedule for all planning requests.

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Additional Information

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